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ccg1.gif (128 bytes) Core Control is a full featured advanced security program designed for Windows 95/98/ME Operating Systems

Its core functions include::

  • Controls user access to your Windows Operating System
  • Secures Windows User Profiles via it’s own User Profile Admin interface
  • Disables/enables many of Windows options/settings and dialog boxes on a Per User basis
  • Prevents users from installing software
  • Disables/enables Control/Alt/Delete and the Windows Taskbar
  • Controls access to the Internet on a per user basis
  • Disables/enables use of third party programs
  • Contains a single Administrator account
  • The Administrator has full control over users of the computer
  • Core Control is secured by a password protected Graphical User Interface
  • Offers over 100 individual restrictions/settings
  • Hundreds of possible "Combo Tweaks" that can be created

Additionally, Core Control is designed on the concept of controlling Access Points.   An Access Point is defined as an opportunity for a user to add media onto a computer system.  Core Control stop users from utilizing any access Point.  A PC is much more secure if a user can’t get files and/or programs onto it. There are literally thousands of security programs on the market. There may be a program out there that can disable Core Control (although, I haven’t found one yet).  The point is... even if there is such a program it doesn’t matter. If Core Control is installed first then no one can install any other programs without your permission. Core Control will never become outdated.

The 9 Access Points are:

  • Internet Download (http/ftp)
  • Email Attachment
  • CD-ROM
  • Floppy A:\ Drive (Please see the FAQ section concerning the security of the floppy A:\ drive)
  • Network Transfer (Lan,Man.Wan,VPN)
  • Fax Software (.zip,.jpg,.gif etc. files can be sent/received. .exe files cannot be transmitted)
  • Wireless/USB/Serial/Parallel Data Transfers
  • Zip Disc
  • Third Party Programs

Core Control is designed for:

  • Home Users with a stand-alone machine
  • Home Users with a Lan setup
  • Families
  • Small/medium businesses
  • Internet Cafes
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Other public environments

** Core Control is not coded to work in an NT Domain environment